How We’re Using Sports to Connect With the Lost In India

June 21, 2018 eurasiacommunity

How We’re Using Sports to Connect With the Lost In India

What I love about our workers in Eurasia (among other things) is how creative they are in using the gifts God has given them to reach the lost right where they are.

In India right now, organized sports are growing rapidly, making it a perfect way to enter into & engage the community.

One of our teams in India has been able to set up a registered sports management company. We currently run a soccer academy and basketball academy with well over 400 registered players.

This platform is not only a great way to stay in the country legitimately, but it’s also a great avenue to build deep and lasting relationships. Our long term goal is to use this company to give us access into areas of India where there is no church presence.

In every aspect of this work, we actively work towards having intentional encounters with people, so that we can build relationships, begin introducing people to Jesus, and make disciples.

Each of our multi-national team members are asked to pray and seek out five people. When they have identified five that they feel are seekers they commit to pray for those five for one year.  Once the person of Jesus has been introduced and they continue to pray they also pursue intentional encounters with “their five” weekly asking God for opportunities for discipleship.

Would you pray for this important work in India? Please pray that God would continue to open doors for our team members, that they would encounter those who need Jesus and who are open to the gospel. Pray also for the new 3,500 square foot facility our team is building, as they have faced significant obstacles throughout the building process.

Finally, please remember that there are lost everywhere who need the hope of Jesus, not just in India. Wherever you are right now—whether that’s Eurasia or America or some other far-off place, are there five people you could identify in your life who need Jesus?

What would happen if you committed to pray for those five individuals for a year?

Wouldn’t it be great if they came to know Jesus this year?

Every single one of us can and should participate in the great commission, and while we covet your prayers for this project in India, you can also do your part to share the gospel with those around you.

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