How To Wait on God’s Perfect Timing

December 20, 2018 eurasiacommunity

How To Wait on God’s Perfect Timing

One of the monthly features on the Eurasia Community Blog is about our Financial Partnership Development program, led by Jenn Fortner. In FPD, missionary associates receive small group training and coaching as they invite individuals and churches to partner with them financially in the work God has called them to in Eurasia.

Have you ever heard the old adage, “God is never late, but he’s rarely early?”

In my experience with serving the Lord, His timing is always perfect, but from our earthly perspective, it can be confusing, or at times even frustrating, especially when we sense that God has called us to something or promised something specific, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

Like a single woman who knows her desire for a family is God-given, but is watching her youth slipping away.

Or a family who has sensed God’s leading to move, but can’t get their house to sell.

Or think even of the example of Abraham, who was promised a child, and waited and waited and waited until he was 100 to see that promise fulfilled in Isaac.

Sometimes things can feel that way for our associates who are raising funds to come to Eurasia.

For Dan and Kelly,* who are workers with Chi Alpha, they know in their hearts that God has called them to come to Eurasia and serve with a Live Dead team there. They’ve said yes to being in God’s will, and yet their timeline to come to the field has shifted three times.

In times like these, it can be tempting to give up. To think that maybe we didn’t hear God right, or that he hasn’t really called us or promised us anything.

In the midst of seasons of waiting, one of the best things we can do is keep our eyes open for the quiet ways God is still working—to be willing to see all the things He is doing to remind us that we haven’t been forgotten or abandoned.

And thankfully, that’s exactly what Dan and Kelly have been doing.

  • Despite all their setbacks, they are loving the fundraising process, and have seen God’s hand provide for them as they wait on His timing to come to Eurasia:
  • After hearing they still needed $1000/month in support, one of the people they met with pledged half that–$500 a month—all by himself (and put Dan and Kelly in his will)!
  • They’ve had friends contact them out of the blue to offer support, before Dan and Kelly even asked.
  • A small church where they have no personally connections reached out to them and pledged to give 5% of all the tithes they receive each month.

And these are just a few examples Dan and Kelly shared with us about the ways God has been working on their behalf in the midst of this waiting season.

If you’re in a waiting season, please take heart and know that God has not forgotten you. Look around for the ways that He is providing for you right now, because He has not stopped caring for you, even as you wait for what is next.

And if you if you know someone who is currently raising support to come to Eurasia, would you considering reaching out to them with a one-time gift or a pledge of monthly support? You may just be the encouragement you need.

Thanks for your generosity friends, and thanks, as always, for being a part of this community. We couldn’t reach the lost in Eurasia without you.

*Names have been changed.

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