We are thankful for you!

November 5, 2018 eurasiacommunity

We are thankful for you!

Can you believe that it’s already November?

For Canadians, Thanksgiving has already passed, but for those of us in the States, it’s just around the corner.

What are you thankful for this year? Are you thankful for a family that shares your faith? Are you thankful for a warm home and the food heaped on your table? Are you thankful for a Bible in your language, and a place to peaceably gather with other believers every week?

Many of our brothers and sisters in Eurasia are without these blessings.

Many more have yet to even hear the name of Jesus.

And that’s why we, here at Eurasia Community, are so thankful for you. We know that if you are reading this, you care about those people in Eurasia who need to hear the Gospel. We know that without your prayers and advocacy, without your giving and going, it wouldn’t be possible for us to reach them with that good news.

We recognize that we could never do this without you, and we are so, so very thankful that you are a part of this community.

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