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Why We Ask You to Pray

If you’re not currently on the field in Eurasia, but are supporting our work there through your prayers, thank you

We know that you may never see the answers to those prayers with your own eyes, and you may wonder if your prayers are making any difference.

Let me assure you: they are.

Prayer changes things in Eurasia. When our fervent requests move the heart of God, he works powerfully on our behalf to do things we couldn’t even imagine.

Some of our workers in Central Eurasia recently shared with me the story of Khalid,* a young man in their area, who was watching a televised sermon one evening.

When the pastor came to the end of his sermon, and said, “pray this prayer with me,” Khalid felt the presence of God. He immediately fell to the ground, unable to move. He was convinced that the pastor on TV had been telling the truth, and that he had been visited by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He wanted to know more about what this pastor had been talking about, but in Iran, where he lived, it was hard for him to find a Bible he could read or a Christian who could tell him more about Jesus. However, during the Iranian New Year, some of our missionaries were at the Iranian border handing out tracts and the gospel of John.

Khalid’s father was one of the people who crossed the border that day.

He gave the materials he received to Khalid, because he knew Khalid wanted to learn more about Jesus. Khalid was able to call the phone number on the tract, hear the gospel message, and give his heart and life to Christ.

Today, Khalid is being discipled by our team in Iran, and all of this is possible because of the prayers that people just like you pray every day for Eurasia.

So don’t give up! Continue faithfully praying for Eurasia, so that many more people in Eurasia can come to know the saving power of Jesus, just like Khalid. 

* Name has been changed.

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