November 27, 2017 eurasiacommunity

Year4Eurasia: Plan Now For an Awesome Year for Your Church

There is immense power in numbers.

We believe this wholeheartedly here at Eurasia Community. We know that every one of you is essential to helping us reach the lost in every people group in Eurasia, even if you’re never able to come to Eurasia to proclaim the gospel.

We need people who will do that, of course, but we also need people like you who will give generously towards what our workers are doing on the field, and to advocate for the many important projects we do in Eurasia.

And never is the power of numbers more evident than when it comes to prayer. Your intercessory prayers for the people of Eurasia make a difference, but there are so much more effective when you gather with other believers and pray together for a the same need.

Do you remember, a few months back, when we told you about Year4 Eurasia?

Well, now is a perfect time to look at it again, and see if it might be something that your church, or Sunday School class or small group or Bible study group could do together.

We provide all of the tools you will need to spend one year praying for Eurasia. You can download the weekly prayer slide, bulletin insert, or videos each week. Then all we ask is that you spend a few minutes praying over the highlighted region or country as a congregation or small group.

We believe that as you pray, not only will God move on behalf of the lost and those on the field sharing the gospel in Eurasia, but He’ll also do a mighty work in you, too.

There is nothing that knits the hearts of believers together the way prayer does.

We hope you’ll  consider praying through Year4Eurasia in 2018. You just might find that it turns out to be your best year yet!

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