Your Prayers are Changing Lives in Southern Asia

July 25, 2019 leslie thomas

Your Prayers are Changing Lives in Southern Asia

This testimony from a worker on the field perfectly illustrates the power of your prayers and will give you goosebumps.

Ashok is an intelligent young man with a big heart for his people. He loves his country and believes that people from all backgrounds should work together for the common good of man. He is a devoted Hindu, and even though he has heard about Jesus and his “good teachings” he holds fast to the idea that life is about doing good deeds in order to receive good rewards. 

Last week a request was posted on the Pray4Eurasia Facebook page asking for prayer for Ashok to find the truth in the Gospel. Three days later, our worker reports that he was able to have a deep conversation with Ashok about why Jesus and the message of the Gospel are so radically different from other faiths. He shared with him about how the message of the Gospel is not about good works, but about receiving restoration to fellowship with God through Jesus’ blood on the cross.

The worker says, “For the first time, I saw the wheels turning as he considered the implications.”

The timing of this post and this conversation cannot be a coincidence. We thank God for the leading of the Holy Spirit for his people to pray for this young man. Please continue to pray that Jesus would speak to Ashok’s heart, revealing that He is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one can come to the father except through Him.

Thank you so much for praying as part of this community. We really couldn’t do this without you.

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